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Paying Retail For Solo Advertising! Ouch!
Monster Solos = Mass Exposure and Wholesale Pricing!
Same solos as Safe-list.com but at Lower Bulk Pricing !
Blast up to 2 solos per day at HUGE savings off regular pricing!
Our System is developed for the Marketer that knows it takes multiple ad posting to gain sales!
Monster solos allows members to Blast their ads to our network of Marketing sites which include Traffic ad exchanges, Ptc sites, Safelists, Credit based safelists, Ad boards and more.

No Traffic = No Sales!

Our prices are significantly discounted from reg. Super Solo Ad Pricing at Safe-list.com

Each Super Solo Ad Is Sent To These Sites:
  • Studies show that an internet buyer is most likely to buy after seeing an offer 7-12 times! That means you have to have  a lot of ads out there to make sales!
  • Advertising is a no brainer. If you do not advertise you won't make sales!
  • Placing Free ads will give your business some exposure, but won't cut it if you are a professional internet entrepreneur and need to have mass exposure and more daily sales! You must advertise daily in many markets to succeed!
  • You can use Adwords and spend up to $100 a day or more but most marketers will go broke before they make any sales. Our pricing is based on wholesale pricing offered to our fellow marketers.
  • You can join hundreds of ad exchanges and spend all your time clicking on ads to get points or you can spend your time making money!

    We do not permit Adult ads, hate ads, or illegal products to be advertised through our program.  No sites may be advertised that break frames. No gifting schemes or chain letter sites! We do reserve the right to delete any ad we feel is inappropriate. 

    Please see our terms of service here before signing up. You must agree to these before purchasing. You may also contact us for any further details or questions here..
    By making payment you agree to have read and accepted our terms of service.

  • 10 Super Solo Ads for $39.95! That's Only $3.95 per Solo!
    submit solos here after purchase..

    *Solo codes will be emailed instantly to your Paypal or Payza address on file with these processors. Please make sure your payment address is where you can receive mail. If any problems contact us immediately!

    Click here to see our terms and refund policy.

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